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Krisu TechKul helps businesses by enhancing their online presence. Our procedure goes through the whole website architecture to enhance our customer’s online presence thus they can get more relevant traffic. Our innovative website designs result in getting the relevant traffic to our Clients’ businesses. Not just websites, we are providing nearly every online related solutions which includes E-Commerce, Web Applications, Web designing, Web development, mobile applications, CMS Support, ERP, CRM etc.

Also, Krisu Techkul is fulfilling all the marketing needs of our customers, by offering SEO( Search Engine Optimization), Seach Engine campaigns- Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Amazon Ads, etc, Social Media Marketing and Over-all Online Reputation programmes.


In the Present time, We are witnessing the growth of the Internet Sector and its future. To cope with the Present World, we need to be present where our audience is looking for. It’s not about a store or their marketing, But it’s about the whole. Even Books which were the traditional offline source of knowledge, Nowadays they are also available in E-Books Format. Web and its Applications soothes the way of working which results in getting higher accuracy attainment with less time, man or money losses.


Krisu Techkul believes in Long-term Business relations and Prominent After-Sales Service is the key to Long-Term business Solutions. Hence, we promise to provide the best customer support in the industry. Also, Our informative and friendly customer care support is always ready to resolve the customers’ issues in the best way possible. We always appreciate our valuable customers feedback so that we never lags in delivering the best services in the Industry.

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